Port over Stripe Offsetting Transactions

So I’ve just had the latest update via TestFlight wherein we need to create a new account.

Is there a way for our old Stripe Transactions to be carried over between the old and new account if the details are provided?

I would like for that to not be lost if possible!

Hey James,
I’m sorry about the offset purchases not being carried over. We’re working around the clock to add a lot of new features but right now, most of the data lives on your device so any removal of the app or data, can’t be recovered.
We plan on implementing saving your offset purchases on our DB in the near future after we clear some of the urgent tasks in the backlog. Once that is done, I’ll make sure to recover all of the previously purchased offset from stripe so you can see them in the at any point, wherever you log in.


No worries if it can’t be! Was more a general “is it possible” rather than “please do this”.

Happy to leave as is! Thanks for the thorough reply though, much appreciated!