Introduction Post?

Hey, see there aren’t any posts yet - thought I’d make one and say hi to other users!

Signed up for interest in Yayzy as this year has been a complete change for me in terms of outlook on the world.

I now make efforts to reduce my footprint as much as possible - so to have an app that assists by tracking my transactions sounded perfect.

A bit about me; I’m 25, a beginner Developer / currently Product Specialist, and I have a pet cat.

Cat Tax:


Hey James!

Great to hear from you, and welcome to the Yayzy community - we also love having a positive impact ! :grin:

Cat pictures are always appreciated :cat2:

Welcome to everyone else as well. It would be great to hear your ideas about Yayzy and what else we could be doing, so let us know below …

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Welcome to the community James. We are excited you are here and have just awarded you a fancy new badge for being the first member!

FYI our CTO has a cat as well!

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Amazing :love_you_gesture:t3:

Glad to be involved, your CTO has to post cat tax too at some point! :joy:

Hey James,
Very nice meeting you and glad you’re here.
I’m Cristian, Cris for short, CTO at Yayzy.
And as promised (although very late) here’s the picture of my cat tax (Luna):

Hope you stay engaged and reach to us if you need any help with anything Yayzy and sustainable.


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Gorgeous Cat!

And hey Cris, nice to meet you.