Deleted account in App 3 times, but Yayzy still holding my bank data


I downloaded the app, linked my bank account and saw that I have a huge carbon footprint for a bank transfer - which I know is not correct

But my issue is this. After losing trust in the carbon footprint data shown, I tried deleting my yayzy account - deleted 3 times. But looks like my bank data is still being retained by yayzy and I’m able to sign in after deleting the account?

Hi Roshan,

This is Pedro, co-founder of YAYZY, your account has been deleted.

As an added measure of security and data privacy, your bank data is stored only on your mobile phone, and never leaves it.

I apologize for the bad user experience you had with the carbon footprint calculation and deleting the account.

YAYZY is still in early versions, and we’re looking to build an app you would love to use, so we’re going to fix the issue and send an update to the app store as soon as possible.

In order to improve the carbon footprint estimation, could you please share with us the name of the merchant/transaction that had an incorrect carbon footprint?

Best regards,
Pedro Cabrero